Every so often someone asks if wearing a chastity device will cause the penis to shrink. On the face of it, there’s some logic behind this question. After all, if you stuff your penis into a small container for years on end, shouldn’t that have some lasting effect on it?

In a word, no. Every guy knows his penis changes size all the time. When he’s excited it gets longer and thicker and harder. When he goes swimming in cold water, it shrinks down to a little nub. Our cocks are flexible little buggers. I have had mine squished into a 1 inch cage for a long time. When Mrs. Lion lets it out, it springs back to its original size. As long as blood circulation isn’t cut off — this can happen with a cage that is too narrow — no harm befalls it living in captivity.

Another popular myth is that wearing a chastity device that has a base ring will make the scrotum narrower. The idea is if you start out with a ring that is one and three-quarter inches in diameter, after a while you will be able to get by with one that is only one and 1/2 inches across. I don’t understand the logic behind this, but some guys believe it.

This one has some truth to it. The body can get used to compression behind the balls and over time tolerate more squeeze. As far as I can tell, there’s absolutely no benefit to wearing a smaller base ring. Guys used to believe that a tighter base ring would add more security to their chastity devices.

I suppose this is true. It’s easier to pull your soft penis out the back of your chastity device if the base ring is roomier. A smaller base ring will increase the challenge.

I really hope you’ve gotten past the idea that a chastity device needs to be inescapable. Back in the day when guys believed the myth that keyholders made the choice to lock them up, they reasoned that trying to escape was their duty. Let’s face it, we ask our partners to lock us up. Enforced male chastity is a male concept. Women may like the idea when it’s introduced to them, but guys are the ones who initiate the lockup.

I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me up. Why in the world would I try to escape something I asked for? It’s illogical. Any device that attaches using a base ring around the cock and balls is escapable. This is even true if a piercing is involved. If you can get a piercing on, you can get it off. The best you can do is make escape more difficult.

That begs the question why would you want to escape something you asked for? If escape isn’t a concern, comfort certainly is. A proper fit is essential for a device you will wear 24/7/365. Therefore, you won’t be needing the tightest base ring. You will want ring small enough so that after you thread your balls and cock through it, nothing will escape on its own. When I was trying to determine what size I need, I found that a 2 inch ring allowed a ball to escape on a regular basis. A one and three-quarter inch ring kept everything in place. A one and 1/2 inch ring hurt and required some kind of lube to prevent irritation.

Clearly, the optimum base ring for me is one and three-quarter inches. That’s what I wore over five years ago, and that’s what I’m wearing now. As far as I can tell, I’ve suffered no disfigurement.

The question of permanent change comes up whenever I talk about short chastity devices. Rest assured that my cock is no shorter, thinner, thicker, or longer then it was before I ever heard of a chastity device. As long as you make sure the diameter of the tube or cage for your penis is no more than 1/4 inch narrower than your member, you can have a cage as short as you want. I think 1 inch is perfect. It’s long enough to accommodate all or most of the head and very little else. Wearing a cage this small makes erections just a memory.

Don’t worry, your penis will remember how to grow once it’s freed.

Yesterday was a new try for a lube hand job. I watched the videos Lion suggested and was determined to replicate them as closely as I could. Obviously, men are not all alike so some things in the videos were not to Lion’s liking. I improvised a little. In the end he was very happy with his lubed orgasm.

I wondered while I was doing it if he’d like the attachment to the Magic Wand if we used lube. It’s a silicone sleeve that takes the place of my hand. I think we only tried it once and he didn’t like it. But with lube he might. I don’t know. I’ll have to look for it and give it a shot.

After our late afternoon session, Lion said maybe it’s better without lube. I suspect it’s like most things: always doing it one way can get to you after a while. Of course, we haven’t used lube for very long. I suggested using it every so often. Lion wanted to do the experiment of every time. Does this mean the experiment is over? As far as I know, we haven’t called it yet but I’m game for moving on.

I also finally gave Lion his punishment for spilling salsa on Friday night. He insists it was a malfunction of the tortilla chip that caused the spillage. I don’t remember building any leeway into the rule to accommodate a defense. I am the judge and jury. I have, in the past, made allowances for certain spills. Structural failure of the tortilla chip is not one of them. I was holding my hand under the tortilla chips on the way to my mouth so I wouldn’t drop salsa. I also strongly advocate for the mom-ism “lean over your plate when you eat” which will eliminate punishment since spilling on the table doesn’t count. Although, given how much mess he makes of a table, I may wind up making a rule about that.

Not only did he try to defend himself with the chip malfunction theory, but he also couldn’t take the full punishment when I administered it. He rolled away a few times and I should have started all over, but it was clear he really couldn’t handle being spanked. He apologized and I relented. As I was walking away I gave him a few chances to remember to thank me. I asked him if I should really be done. I told him I still had the paddle in my hand. I asked if there was any reason I shouldn’t put the paddle away. Nothing. About an hour later he said his buns still hurt. I told him they’ll be hurting tonight too since he forgot to thank me. He’s not having a very good start to his week.

Mature Metal double locking cock ring
The double locking cock ring from Mature Metal. This is the device I wear. It feels like I am wearing a chastity device.
(Click image to go to view larger)

As you may have read, I “spilled” salsa on my shirt Friday night at dinner. We went out for Mexican food. Every single time we do that, I end up getting salsa on my shirt. This time, I paid attention to what was going on when this happened. I dipped a corn chip into the salsa and brought it to my mouth. This particular chip had a structural defect. It broke before I could get it into the safety of my oral cavity. The chip with its payload of salsa tumbled to my chest leaving a telltale red spot. Mrs. Lion, who was sitting directly across from me, noticed that and gave me her you’re-going-to-get-your-butt-swatted smile. She wondered out loud why I want to go to Mexican restaurants. Because I like the food.

You might also wonder why I find it exciting to have a chastity device locked on my penis. On the surface it makes very little sense. The purpose of the device is to prevent sexual activity of any kind. This includes harmless erections as well as massively horrible cheating with another woman; at least that’s what we tell ourselves.

Without exception, those of us who wear these devices find it sexually exciting to do so. Obviously, this is massively illogical. I find wearing the device that won’t even let me get hard, a turn on? So, I get turned on doing something that makes it impossible for me to express that arousal.

No wonder the fantasies about enforced male chastity are so obviously wrong. We don’t like doing something that makes absolutely no sense. Locking up our cocks to get turned on is very difficult to rationalize. One way to try, is to sort of back into the process. If we say that our keyholder insists on keeping us locked up as a way of “convincing” us to perform (fill in the blank here with a chore or sexual favor), we become hapless victims being led around by our penises.

At least that make some sort of sense. Most guys are at least half convinced that women use sex as a way of controlling them. Enforced male chastity is the physical manifestation of this manipulation. From the male perspective this is a hot, bondage fantasy. Somehow, we got convinced to allow our keyholder to lock us in a device. Once in, we’re done. Orgasms become rare rewards for services rendered.

Are we males stupid enough to fall for this blatantly obvious manipulation? Of course not! Are women really that venal? No! It makes a good story.

Reality is much simpler. Some of us, especially me, find the idea of sexual control very hot. I also like the idea being tied up. A male chastity device offers both control and bondage in the same little package. When I first thought about this many years ago, I was writing reviews of sex toys. I was offered samples of various male chastity devices for review. I got very excited anticipating the arrival of each toy.

When one arrived I would put it on and snap the lock closed. I would wear it about a day. Even though I got very aroused thinking about being locked in a chastity device, once I was in I just felt a little uncomfortable and not at all turned on. I did get to sample a lot of interesting stuff. I was even fitted for an Access Denied full chastity belt. This included two fittings and measuring at manufacturer’s offices. The fittings and measuring was sort of sexy fun, but living in the device did nothing for me.

I realize that a lot of other guys get turned on by wearing the device and holding their own keys. That just didn’t work for me. To me, bondage involved someone else controlling if and when I get released. I didn’t realize that at the time. I just figured the reality of enforced chastity didn’t live up to my mental pictures of it.

Many years later, when I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me in a chastity device, I wasn’t sure how it would play. As it turned out, she wasn’t either. To my great surprise, I found the experience compelling. By actually surrendering control of my penis to her, all the excitement I used to feel anticipating lockup, continued in real life. Because she controls it, the chastity device is true bondage. Feeling it locked around my penis is still a turn on.

Perhaps my imagination isn’t vivid enough to support one-person lockup. I don’t know. But I do know that both of us really like having my penis under Mrs. Lion’s control. She isn’t all that excited about hardware. I guess that’s my thing. But she absolutely likes total sexual control of my penis. She doesn’t care if it’s locked up or not as long as she is the only one who has the ability to make me ejaculate.

hard penis in locking cock ring
The ring enhances the feeling of weight my cock is hard. Just because it’s out in the open doesn’t mean I’m going to jerk off. The ring reduces my “usable” length by about 1/2″.
(Click image to view larger)

My love of hardware isn’t strictly limited to a chastity device. I purchased a locking cock ring that only Mrs. Lion can remove. I find wearing it just as exciting as being locked into my Jail Bird.

That may seem odd since the locking cock ring allows me full access to my penis and allows it to achieve a complete erection. There is no functional, sexual bondage. It may shorten the effective length of my erection (the rings take up some of the space-see picture). But it doesn’t prevent me from masturbating or having other sorts of sex.

Of course, that’s no longer necessary. I’m well trained not to play with myself or engage in any physical sexual activity. I don’t need a cage for that. To me, the locking cock ring is an non-removable symbol of Mrs. Lion’s ownership of my penis. I can take off my wedding ring, of course I won’t, but the locking cock ring isn’t going anyplace. I love that.

I know that after the smoke clears from my surgery, I’ll probably be back in the chastity device again. We’ll have to see if that changes either of our feelings about me being locked up. I wonder.

We went out shopping yesterday and we bought a nine pound turkey breast. As I was getting it out of the car, it got hung up on the cargo net. In all fairness, it was in a reusable bag with orange juice and some other things. I’m not a complete weakling. I pulled and pulled and realized my shoulder was telling me to stop, so I switched to my recently sore shoulder. Then I realized what a bad idea that was. I finally got the bag out but both shoulders/arms were telling me how stupid that maneuver was. I was worried I was in for days of pain. I still am. However, I still have things to do. A load of laundry is in and I have to try to clear as much of the branches as I can from the driveway.

What I forgot to do last night, because I was tired and nominally sore, was to spank Lion for spilling salsa on his shirt. As he said, he’s not required to remind me so he didn’t. I also didn’t feel up to playing, which I’d mentioned in my post. Lion was looking forward to another hand job with lube, even if it was just edging. It was pretty late by the time we snuggled anyway, but I felt bad. Somehow I’d assumed Lion knew I was tired and a little sore. I have no idea how he would have known. I don’t think I told him. But I was starting to get frustrated with him for not realizing it.

When I finally realized that there’s no way he should have realized, I felt worse. I offered a few times to play with him. He was very understanding. He’d taken a few naps along the way so he wasn’t tired. He just wanted me to feel better. He’s such a good guy. Maybe I shouldn’t spank him for spilling salsa. Nah!