Lion probably wasn’t in the mood to be spanked last night but he doesn’t always get to choose. He was still due for forgetting to thank me for the last punishment. Plus, I cut that one short because he was having trouble with it.

I don’t normally start out with a number of swats in mind, but Lion made a comment a while back that punishment was shorter and less severe than our experiment. I wouldn’t want that. I decided he would get the same 300 swats as the experiment. That is, until he moved.

Near the end, and he had no way of knowing it was, he rolled away. I asked him if I should start all over. He glared at me. Then he rolled back into position. As I swatted away, I told him he was only about three swats from being done when he rolled over. I have no idea if he believed me.  As far as he knew we were starting over. I think I gave him another fifty to a hundred swats before I stopped. He thanked me immediately. He can be taught!

This was the first time I actually started over when he rolled away. It’s true I didn’t go all the way to 300 but I gave him a substantial number of redo swats. I’m not sure he’ll think twice about rolling away again, but at least he knows I’m willing to start over now.

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