I owe Lion some punishment swats for not thanking me for his last punishment swats. I should have done them last night. Two things stopped me. He’d had a hard time sleeping the night before because he was worrying about his surgery. And I had a long list of chores to do when I got home so I didn’t really have time. I know. you’re thinking it’s too bad that Lion was tired or that I should have made time to spank him. Yes and no.

In a perfect world, or in a vacuum, I would have spanked him when I first walked in the door. I did owe him, after all. It shouldn’t matter if he was tired. His mood shouldn’t matter at all. In that respect, mine shouldn’t either. Black is black and white is white.

In the real world, shit happens. Lion may be tired. I may be sore. It’s not written in stone that punishment has to be done on a certain day. Maybe I have every intention of whomping him when I get home tonight, but then the power is out and I have to run around getting things set up for that. Black is not black and white is not white. It’s varying shades of gray – and not the fifty shades type.

I’m hoping Lion is up for punishment tonight but if he isn’t, tomorrow is fine too. For all I know, he could tell me he’s not up for spanking but some time on the punishment stool would work. I’m not opposed to him suggesting an alternate punishment that he can handle. I know he knows he’s due punishment. He may escape it for a while but it will be waiting. If he thinks he can manage Icy Hot rather than spanking, we can certainly do Icy Hot. He’s not getting away with anything. I’ll adjust the amount of Icy Hot or the amount of time on the punishment stool to equal the swats he would have received.

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