Swats and Lube

Yesterday was a new try for a lube hand job. I watched the videos Lion suggested and was determined to replicate them as closely as I could. Obviously, men are not all alike so some things in the videos were not to Lion’s liking. I improvised a little. In the end he was very happy with his lubed orgasm.

I wondered while I was doing it if he’d like the attachment to the Magic Wand if we used lube. It’s a silicone sleeve that takes the place of my hand. I think we only tried it once and he didn’t like it. But with lube he might. I don’t know. I’ll have to look for it and give it a shot.

After our late afternoon session, Lion said maybe it’s better without lube. I suspect it’s like most things: always doing it one way can get to you after a while. Of course, we haven’t used lube for very long. I suggested using it every so often. Lion wanted to do the experiment of every time. Does this mean the experiment is over? As far as I know, we haven’t called it yet but I’m game for moving on.

I also finally gave Lion his punishment for spilling salsa on Friday night. He insists it was a malfunction of the tortilla chip that caused the spillage. I don’t remember building any leeway into the rule to accommodate a defense. I am the judge and jury. I have, in the past, made allowances for certain spills. Structural failure of the tortilla chip is not one of them. I was holding my hand under the tortilla chips on the way to my mouth so I wouldn’t drop salsa. I also strongly advocate for the mom-ism “lean over your plate when you eat” which will eliminate punishment since spilling on the table doesn’t count. Although, given how much mess he makes of a table, I may wind up making a rule about that.

Not only did he try to defend himself with the chip malfunction theory, but he also couldn’t take the full punishment when I administered it. He rolled away a few times and I should have started all over, but it was clear he really couldn’t handle being spanked. He apologized and I relented. As I was walking away I gave him a few chances to remember to thank me. I asked him if I should really be done. I told him I still had the paddle in my hand. I asked if there was any reason I shouldn’t put the paddle away. Nothing. About an hour later he said his buns still hurt. I told him they’ll be hurting tonight too since he forgot to thank me. He’s not having a very good start to his week.