The Lights Are On Again

The power finally came back on about dinnertime last night. I was snoozing at the time. Mrs. Lion quietly took apart the wiring she had put in, turned off the generator, and put the house in order. I woke up to find all the lights working and our central heating trying to warm up our very cold house.

Power came on just-in-time. Today is punishment day. I’m not sure if I have of spanking coming, but Mrs. Lion did growl at me the other night when I went, “buh buh buh”. I never got to say why I was making that sound. She was having none of it. I was startled to say the least. Mrs. Lion almost never growls, but when she does, I listen.

I think the effects of the drug I tried have worn off. I am definitely horny. With the power back on, I’m also clean and smell good. I had a shower after dinner. Mrs. Lion had one an hour later. It’s nice to be clean. These last couple of days were chilly but also nice. We got to hunker down together and wait out our blackout.

I’m writing this while Mrs. Lion is in the shower. I’m not sure that she isn’t too sore and tired to test out my newly-horny state. I hope she isn’t. If she is, I’ll be fine. There’s always tomorrow.


  1. Awesome you powers back on! I just discovered your site last night! Wow ! Mrs . Lion is THE BOSS !!! Thank you both so much for “sharing “!
    P. S I hope your punishment is light …It’s VALENTINE’S DAY !🥰🥰🥰

    1. Author

      Welcome to the blog! We have over 3,000 posts from the past. Try the site search. Punishment is never light!

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