Huddled Together For Warmth

We are in day two of no power. Yesterday we ventured out to get more gas for the generator and our road is a complete mess. Well, actually some neighbors with front loaders managed to clear most of one of the roads. The other two are crap. We’re heading out at some point in the next few hours to get more gas and more bread and whatever else we’re out of. It’s a good thing Lion made sure we laid in a supply of fire logs, propane, a camp stove and lanterns.

The estimate for power restoration is Friday at midnight. Our fingers are crossed.


  1. In the Midwest, it is hard to imagine an absence of plows. As with much else in life, this can be misery or an adventure for you. Your choice!

    1. We so rarely have snow here the government doesn’t plan for snow removal. Falling branches took down power lines. I’m tired of no electricity.

      1. Been there—it can be such an awful experience. We lost a fair amount of food when we lost ours for several days. But it was in the hottest part of the summer. And at least I had the barbecue to cook.

        1. Thanks to our generator, we don’t lose any food. It’s powerful enough to keep our refrigerator and freezers running. There’s also enough power to keep the lights on in our bedroom as well as power the satellite TV. Over the years, more and more comforts are managed with our emergency generator thanks to changing to LED lighting. The energy savings contribute significantly to our comfort when the dark.

          Unfortunately, we’re 100% electric home. Our heat comes from a heat pump which uses so much power there’s no hope we can afford to keep that running. We warm our bedroom with a catalytic propane heater. The rest of the house makes do with our fireplace. The fact that our block is low priority and we get power restored days after it’s been lost, is what makes it so difficult for us. We cook on a propane camp stove. At least, we have some entertainment in our food doesn’t spoil.

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