2 1/2 Hours

I should have listened to Lion when he told me to come home yesterday. But I waited because I was trying to get more hours in at work. I was looking at the traffic cameras and the roads didn’t look all that bad. I left when it seemed a little worse. I forgot about all the other drivers who had the same idea. It took 2 1/2 hours to go 20 miles. Damn snow.

There are worse things than being trapped in by snow on a weekend. Lion could be on a trip somewhere and I’d be alone. I could be on a trip somewhere and Lion could be alone. Those are the two that come to mind immediately. We have food. We have electricity. We have each other. Perfect!

We were tired last night so we didn’t play but we did snuggle. And I’ve been making more of an effort to interact with Lion even if I’m on my iPad. I’m usually paying attention to him anyway but sometimes he catches me while I’m reading something and I don’t hear him. He does the same to me. Last night, he reminded me to check his post for typos and then he kept talking to me in the middle of it. I just think it’s funny when he does that.

This morning, Lion asked if I’m ever going to lock him up again. I said yes. The thing is, if he asks me and I do it then it just looks like I’m doing it because he asked me. There have been a few times I’ve thought of doing it so I ask him to remind me because I’ll probably forget. To me, this isn’t him asking. I suppose I could have said, “Let’s do it!” when he asked me this morning. Maybe that’s the reaction he was hoping for. Or maybe I should find something else to do with him. Maybe today is a good diaper day.


  1. That surgery sounds like the restaurant special. Have you considered travel to a larger Med center with surgeons that do this every day?


    1. 12 a year isn’t bad. I hope.

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