Pretty In Frilly Green Panties

Hard Lion in green frilly panties
Here I am in my frilly green panties. Mrs. Lion decided it was time I used some of my lingerie. It’s obvious I’m turned on showing them to you.
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Lately, both of us have been writing about a wide range of subjects well outside FLRD and enforced male chastity. One of the reasons I’ve chosen to stray into more vanilla, mundane topics is that they are far more central in my life right now than the fun, sexual ones. Of course that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped thinking about sex, or for that matter, stopped playing. In balance, I’d say we are about as active as we’ve been all along.

In fact, yesterday morning Mrs. Lion instructed me to put on a pair of frilly panties. I can’t remember the last time she had me wear them. I picked out the first pair in the drawer. I can’t claim to have any favorites. As far as I’m concerned, I look silly in lingerie. I’m sure that’s the effect Mrs. Lion is trying to achieve. I posed for a self-portrait so you can see for yourself.

Now that my medical situation is stabilizing, I hope that with the stress at a more manageable level, we can begin paying more attention to our play. I miss it. There’s something about our activities that increases our general physical affection. I can’t explain it. When we are not playing we seem to return to holding hands as our main form of physical intimacy. When I’m getting spanked, locked up, or otherwise tortured, we snuggle and hug each other mote.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense why there is a correlation between BDSM, FLRD, enforced chastity and vanilla affection. The reason for this could have absolutely nothing to do with the activities themselves. It could be that when Mrs. Lion is feeling a bit under the weather, she doesn’t want to exert the energy required to play. She also may not feel up to any sort of physical affection. I think the same is true of me.

She is very sensitive to when I may not be receptive to physical activities. Sometimes, I think she may be too sensitive. Maybe I’m sending out signals I’m not aware of. It’s absolutely true that I wasn’t in the mood for anything over the last week or two. It’s also true that my energy level drops off suddenly in the evening. I use a lot of energy compensating for the loss of function my spinal problem causes me.

It’s not that we’re ever distant. I don’t feel neglected or unloved. But I do fear I can become sort of a brat. It doesn’t take any extra effort to wear panties, or for that matter, a diaper. Similarly, there’s absolutely no reason why I can’t be wearing my locking cock ring or chastity cage. Well, the chastity cage does challenge me a bit. I have to make sure everything is lined up before I can pee. That can be nearly impossible when my vision isn’t very good and it’s dark. Still, it may be worth a try.

Spanking is definitely back in season. While our NFL game proved to be merciful to my tender rear, it was the most boring Super Bowl ever. I’m pretty sure I am due some spankings. At the very least, today is Mrs. Lion’s experiment day. I’m assured a painful, bruised bottom.

Since my last orgasm, which was two days ago, was ruined, I find myself horny already. There is definitely something different in my refractory time after a ruined orgasm. We haven’t tested exactly how things are different, i.e. trying to get me off a day or two after a ruined orgasm. I suspect it won’t be much different than any other time. It does feel different right now to me. But there’s a big gap between horny and performing.

It looks like we’re about to begin a new phase. I’m glad. I’m very tired of medical stuff. It will be fun to get back to lioness 3.0. Speaking of that, I think I’ve interrupted her any number of times and gotten away with it. Maybe it’s time for her to crack down. Uh oh.

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