I completely forgot about having Lion wear frilly panties yesterday. He was on a work call when I finished my post and it wasn’t until he was making dinner that I remembered. Worse yet, I was going to take out a pair for him to wear around the house today and forgot that too. I just had to email him to tell him to put some on when he gets home from his afternoon appointment. Better late than never, I guess.

This morning I was just trying to figure out if Lion had reminded me about punishment day yesterday when he emailed saying he thought he forgot. We’re quite the pair! We remember things eventually. I think he’s probably due for a spanking experiment anyway. I’ll take care of that when I get home…assuming I remember.

I think we’re both still in some form of shock about Lion’s surgery. On the one hand, it’s an answer to what’s been going on with him. On the other, did it have to be that answer? Surgery is scary enough without it being spinal surgery. I also think having it scheduled a month away is good and bad. It’s good because Lion can get a project done for work. It’s bad because that gives both of us a month to think (and overthink) about it.

Maybe tonight’s experiment spanking will get us a little more back to normal. I don’t know if he’ll be horny again after his ruined orgasm from a few days ago, but between the panties and the spanking his cravings for sexual attention might be jump started.

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  1. Well, hopefully having this outlet to write about it will help you both to remember most of the time!
    I recently suggested to my wife that it might be helpful to have a regularly scheduled “discipline session” just to help remind us both of the roles that we (I anyway) would like us to become more accustomed to.
    Has not happened yet. I think we forgot already!

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