A Bare Lion, Oh My

hairless Lion
All the body hair is gone up to mid-thigh. I never considered my legs hairy until I saw this contrast.
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I had some fun this weekend. Sunday night, I got a nice long oral teasing session. Yes, it left me massively frustrated, but it was a lot of fun and felt very good. Mrs. Lion finished her hair removal chores leaving me nearly completely hairless. This time, she left all the hair from mid thigh to the bottom of my legs. Everything else came off. It looks a little odd to me seeing my legs half hairy and half bare skin. When I look at the picture on this page, I feel considerably more naked than I did when I had fur.

Maybe it’s because I’m so exposed this way. Even though it’s not new for me to be hairless, after this past weekend for some reason I feel particularly naked. When I see my bellybutton hairless it looks different to me than before we began removing so much of my body hair. It could be that only I’m struck by this look. Maybe you have to be inside the hairless skin to appreciate it the way I do.

This is an example of something that may be ordinary, even trivial, to the outside world, but to me it feels profound. I truly don’t understand why loss of my body hair makes me feel so vulnerable and exposed. It’s not like I was hairy before Mrs. Lion waxed me. Yes, I had some hair everywhere, but not so much anyone would consider me furry. Still, the complete absence of fur makes things very different. One reason I decided to publish this photo is that looking at it affects me so strongly.

I expect that most of us have things like this that affect us way out of proportion to the way others perceive them. Some we hold very private. For example, a lot of our male readers are profoundly affected by their practice of enforced chastity. Of course, they don’t want to share it with the world at large. It would be embarrassing and out of place to discuss. I’m not anxious for strangers to see my denuded body. Yet, there have been occasions when strangers could see me this way.

Oddly, I wasn’t affected when I went for surgery to remove a kidney stone. Nurses and doctors all saw that my hair had been removed. I didn’t give it a second thought. It could be that I was more worried about the kidney stone than any possible embarrassment caused by being different. I don’t think that was it. In that setting, at least, I felt comfortable that no one would be judging me.

On the other hand, when I went to shower at our local community center, I was concerned and embarrassed about being seen by other guys in the locker room. Logically it makes no sense. These are people I would be very unlikely to run into again. I imagine that my concern goes back to my school days. I was insecure about being naked in the showers there. It wasn’t that I was different from the other kids. I just felt vulnerable and subject to possible teasing.

Could it be I worried that the guys in the community center locker room would taunt me? I know that wouldn’t happen; well, I’d like to think it wouldn’t. Comments are much more likely in a friendly setting. Let’s say, we went to a play party. Chances are very good that women at the party would notice and comment (hopefully favorably) on my lack of body hair. I would be embarrassed, but in a nice, sexy way.

It isn’t logical that I would have any particular reaction, especially embarrassment. After all, I asked Mrs. Lion to remove the hair. It’s all my idea. I like the way it looks and feels. Yet, I still worry that if discovered people will tease me. That makes no sense at all logically.

Since Mrs. Lion left hair from mid thigh down, if I wear shorts no one will know just how bald I am everywhere else. Wasn’t that nice of her?



  1. Love your shave job. Cock and balls look great!

    1. Author

      Thank you! I was waxed, not shaved. That’s why it is so smooth.

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