Lock Him Up

Lion's hairless butt
Lion wasn’t very hairy in back. Now his butt is as smooth as a baby’s
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The good thing is that Lion isn’t even half as furry on his posterior as he is on his anterior. Waxing the second day doesn’t take much time at all. I’m glad I’ve been doing the front first. That way, if I’m achy the next day, I don’t have too much to do. I don’t doubt I’ve missed spots along the way, but he’s 99.9% clear. I was thinking last night that we should have some minor waxing supplies upstairs for patches I find.

Since he was smooth as a baby’s butt and horny, I decided he should have some oral attention. It’s a little more difficult to edge him from that position, but I’m game. Generally when I take my position between his legs, he assumes he’s getting an orgasm. I’ve been trying to dissuade him from thinking that.

Sometimes I don’t fit as well on the bed as I’d like. If my leg falls with the foot board above or below my knee I’m fine. Last night it was exactly at my knee. I made the best of it. I managed to get him to the edge once before I stopped. He was sure he was heading for home. Not so, my pet. He hasn’t had much of a wait at all. [Lion — 3 days]

Afterwards I told him it could have been worse. If I hadn’t played with him at all and just left him horny, I thought it would be worse. He says no. Silly boy. He loves being tortured. He loves the attention. He loves being frustrated.

I was thinking about locking Lion in the cock ring but I forgot. Just before bed he said he hasn’t been locked up in a long time. It’s true. I toyed with the idea of locking him before I went to work but I’ve been trying to get out of the house earlier because traffic has been bad. I’ll have to ask Lion to remind me to lock him away tonight.

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  1. I’ve had hubby lee caged for two days now. Thinking about a week.

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