I Heart You

Heart paddle on lion buttYesterday I said I wanted a paddle that would make an impression on Lion. Yikes! Did I find one. I decided to try the paddle with the heart-shaped cutouts. The hearts have seriously sharp points. And they did some serious damage.

I probably should have started off slower, but I was trying to make a point. No pun intended. I gave Lion fifteen relatively hard swats on his right cheek and immediately struck blood. I went a little easier on the left cheek but still made him bleed. He was hurt but he said if I put a bandage on I could continue. I used the spoon paddle after that.

He was still feeling the effects of the previous night’s punishment so I didn’t have to spank him much before he was yowling. I thought he’d learned his lesson so I stopped. I told him we were done and asked him how he was doing. I try to give him the opportunity to thank me before I tack on extra swats. He said he was fine. I mentioned I still had the paddles in my hand and I could give him more swats if he needed them. That did the trick. He remembered to thank me.

In case you’re wondering, Lion’s hide is just fine. Between the spanking and Lion moving around, the bandages fell off and he wasn’t bleeding anymore. The only pain he felt was the spanking. I think we’ll either need to file down those points on the heart paddle or it can just be for show. It’s really too mean to be useful. I know I hit fairly hard but if it makes him bleed after a few swats it’s no good. Even if I didn’t care that he was bleeding, having blood splatter everywhere with each swat makes too much of a mess. It did make some cute little heart-shaped marks though.

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