A Big Stick

I’ve been trying to figure out how to concentrate swats on a few areas of Lion’s butt. Months ago, when he invested in more paddles, he bought one that’s basically a stick with a handle. It’s about two inches wide and maybe eighteen to twenty-four inches long. Up until yesterday I thought it was too long to be of much use. I guess you never know till you try.

I still think it has limited uses. It certainly can concentrate hits in a small area. It can even span across both Lion’s cheeks. But it’s somewhat awkward wielding something that long. I wonder, but not to the extent that I want Lion to buy it, if it comes in a shorter length. I have, in the past, turned a wooden spoon around and swatted with the handle end when I wanted to target a narrow area. I should be able to do that with other paddles too.

Naturally, the longer the implement, the greater the force it exerts. I didn’t have to exert much energy to deliver a mean swat. I gave him somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 love taps. He was very red but only just beginning to bruise. I could have continued to make sure there was bruising but I didn’t. It’s just as well because after his punishment, and a stint on the punishment stool, Lion forgot to thank me. We’ll have to do the whole thing all over again tonight. More practice for me. More pain for him.

I think he might have gotten the message that interrupting is a bad idea. Now he just needs to remember to thank me for my hard work. No matter which paddle I decide to use tonight, I’m fairly sure he’ll remember. Maybe I’ll do a quick review of all the paddles I have to decide which one will make the best impression. (Click here to see a gallery of my paddles)

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  1. Love that he thanks you for beating his ass.

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