We received a comment yesterday accusing us of being obsessed with sex. Wayne wrote:

“My goodness. Are you two so obsessed with sex that you keep a tally of the number of orgasms and list them in the subject lines of emails? How about taking a walk, reading a book, volunteering to help your community. talk to your daughter whose in college.”

I wish all Lion and I had to think about was sex. We both work. I have a four hour boring meeting to look forward to this afternoon. We have pets to take care of. They both let us know when they need attention. We have health issues. We have a house and cars to take care of. We go away in our camper. Lion talks with his daughter frequently. I talk to me kids frequently. We have fairly full lives. If sex in its entirety (thinking about, doing, writing about, etc.) takes up five percent of our time, I’d say that was a lot.

When Lion puts his wait time in the subject line of an email, it’s an easy way for him to let me know. As I said, I don’t keep track. I do sometimes wonder how long it’s been. Not that it’s crucial that I know. I rarely base his wait on time alone, but it is nice to know. It lets me gauge how frisky he’ll be. It lets me plan a little. If today is five days then by day X he’ll be really horny. If I know we need to do some waxing this weekend (which we do) then I’ll assume I won’t feel like playing with him too much that day. How long has he been waiting to that point?

Besides, who gives a crap how much we think about sex? If it was a constant thing and we both got fired and the pets starve and our kids don’t ever hear from us again, then it would be a problem. I don’t need to know how often other people think about sex. Even if I did know, who am I to determine if it’s too much? Maybe my boss thinks about her dog’s Instagram account too much. (She does and she admits it.) But who am I to judge?

It might interest you to know that I’ve been thinking about sex, or writing about it, for the past half hour. Is that too long?

Fair enough. I’m done.


  1. Inevitably a sex blog is going to focus on sex. Still, both of you have written many posts on other topics because real life interferes and on some days there’s very little sex happening.

    I like those other posts, one of the attractions of your blog is that it’s the sexual journey of 2 real people, with real problems, who manage to challenge themselves and who take sexual fulfillment seriously.

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