Don’t Move!

Yesterday, Lion was quite busy. He had meetings. He had to get fitted for a knee brace. He had to go to physical therapy. In all the running around, the poor boy forgot it was punishment day. I noticed he hadn’t reminded me in his early emails. And then I promptly forgot again. It wasn’t until almost nine o’clock that he mentioned it. So sad. The cut off is 8:30. His first transgression in a while that I’ll punish.

Last night I was tired. He was tired from his busy day. I told him I’d punish him tonight. He made sure to tell me that Wednesday is our punishment experiment day. I purposely scheduled it on a day that was not punishment day so there would not be a conflict. Now I’m wondering if he should get the experimental swats if he is punished the day before.

I haven’t really thought about how a punishment should be administered since we’ve started the experiment. Should it be a series of swats with breaks in between? Should I go back to the slow buildup of fast swats? Should it be something else? A Lion butt wants to know.

As I’m writing this, I’m thinking a punishment should be harsher than the experiment. What does that mean? I’m leaning toward the bursts of swats rather than the old slow buildup of fast swats. I could hit harder. Or, and this is what I’m leaning toward, I could increase the number of swats in a burst. For example, we’ve been doing fifteen swats and then a rest. I could do twenty swats or even twenty-five before the rest. I think there needs to be something to differentiate between the experiment and punishment.

I could do a combination of harder and more swats. Let’s say I do bursts of twenty-five harder swats for a total of 200. Sure, 200 is less than 300 but they’re coming harder and faster. I’m sure it will make a somewhat lasting impression on Lion. He might even struggle to stay still. I think if he tries to escape he should have another burst of twenty-five swats added to the end. His end and the end of the punishment. Yup. That sounds like a plan to me.