300 Blows

Lion's spanked butt
I was spanked using the new, heavy spanking spoon. The damage is different this time. Mrs. Lion;’s blows ranged higher and lower.
I(Click image to view larger)

Last night Mrs. Lion continued her spanking experiment. This time, she hit me in groups of 15 swats (20 of them). She used the spanking spoon we acquired a few weeks ago. If you view the image larger,  you will see white spots. These form when spankings are particularly strong.

The first five groups of fifteen swats took all I could muster to hold still. Mrs. Lion wasn’t holding back. You can see that for yourself. After that, it was a little easier to handle. I think I need a few more sessions at fifteen swats before she goes to twenty.

I have no idea why Mrs. Lion picked 300 as the unlucky number of swats for each session. It certainly is a big number from my perspective. I’m surprised I did as well as I did. Sitting at my desk writing isn’t without pain. I feel painful reminders of my beating.

Today is punishment day. I am working hard to avoid a disciplinary spanking. The “recreational” ones I’m getting are tough enough to take.

I think we are on our way to proper spankings. I think I am learning to accept the fast, hard sets of swats. Eventually, I will probably be able to handle a large number without a pause. That’s our goal. And no, I don’t regret suggesting this.

One thing that surprises me is the dark color of my ass. I don’t remember being this red in the past. Of course, I don’t remember receiving 300 blows in a single spanking either.



    1. Author

      LOL, not the adjective I would use.

  1. The vendor you’ve been recommending for paddles doesn’t seem to be on Etsy anymore, or at least the link doesn’t link to anything. Can you post a URL or is it just me?

  2. So with y’all doing the practice spankings, would a disciplinarian spanking mean more spankings in a set with less time in between or more total spanks so that it makes a larger impression?

    1. Author

      We haven’t discussed it. My assumption is that there would be more than 300 swats. I’m already at my limit for holding still.

      1. I like this experiment of yalls! I would be interested to see what a discipline spanking looks like now that you can handle more than before.

          1. Author

            I don’t want to find out. I’m on my best behavior. It would be pretty easy to hurt me more than our experiment does already. Threatening to start again from the beginning might help me hold still. What we are doing is pretty edgy already.

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