World’s Simplest Sex Life

A week or so ago, Mrs. Lion summarized my sex life in three simple steps: Whomp my butt, jerk me off, and lock me up again.  That’s it according to her. It’s not far from the truth. Of course, I don’t get jerked off to ejaculation each time we interact. Most of the time Mrs. Lion teases me bringing me to the edge of ejaculation and then stops.

I’m pretty sure that other people’s sex lives contain substantially more variation, at least in activity. I’m very sure there is a lot more emotional loading accompanying the activity. One reason our case is so simple, is that Mrs. Lion doesn’t desire sex for herself. She hasn’t wanted it in years. That reduces the range of activities to things that will arouse me.

Without sexual reciprocity I wonder if my sex life is more of a chore than a source of pleasure for my lioness. Does she see it as an activity that she knows will bring me pleasure and performs it because she wants to make me happy? Much of the time I think that’s the case. Admittedly, it’s not complex or difficult for her to perform these actions. They also don’t take very long. Even a drawn out spanking rarely lasts more than five minutes.

Does this make her lucky? Does she have the simplest wifely duties in the world? What about me? Does this vast simplification of sex serve me as well as it serves her? We’ve seen evidence over the years that my interest in sex will sink to near nonexistence. This generally happens when there has been no BDSM activity in the recent past. In some odd way my penis is wired to my pain receptors. A painful spanking is almost sure to make it easier to get me hard.

My concern is that our sexual interaction is scripted and quite mechanical. As Mrs. Lion wrote, her formula is simple and easy to execute. It doesn’t require any emotional input from either of us. Simply spank, wank, and lockup. A word doesn’t have to pass between us for this to happen. Frequently, that’s the case. We’ll begin snuggling, and Mrs. Lion’s hand will wander down to my genitals. It doesn’t take long for me to get hard. When I do, she generally sits up next to me and begins wanking. This continuous until I almost ready to ejaculate. She stops, lets me cool off a bit and starts over. Sometimes she’ll push me just over the edge. I’ll end up with a ruined orgasm. Other times, she keeps going until I have a full ejaculation. After that, she’ll either leave me wild or lock me up in one of my devices.

We may snuggle for a few more minutes and then Mrs. Lion will return to her side of the bed. Don’t get me wrong, this feels great and we both enjoy our interaction. This is a lot less activity than we would have if our sexual satisfaction were mutual. The spanking, rules, FLR, and enforced chastity do add some pleasant complications. But, the overall structure isn’t organic. It’s contrived to efficiently deliver sexual pleasure to me.

As we begin our sixth year doing this, once again I hope there’s a way to add more emotional investment. If somehow Mrs. Lion could find any of the things we do as fun, even funny, our sex life would move to a whole new level. I realize this puts a burden on her. Now, she not only has to do the activities that work for me, but she has to have a good time doing it.

That’s unfair. I’m incredibly lucky that she’s willing to do all this stuff just to make me happy. The fact that I see it as selfish and feel guilty certainly isn’t her fault. I am really happy to continue as we’ve been going all these years. But the hope still burns strong in my heart that she will find something that motivates and amuses her.

In the meantime, I’ll continue enjoying the world’s simplest sex life.

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