Happy New Year! 2018 ended for me, at least, with a bang; well, hundreds of them. On Sunday, I received over 300 swats with one paddle as part of my spanking training program. A couple of hours later, I got a hundred more when we played our NFL football spanking game. Fortunately, for me I spent Sunday in bed. I spent most of Yesterday at my desk. I could feel the effects of my spankings no matter how I shifted my body. Yes, I know, I asked for it. Well, I got it.

Mrs. Lion is very successful marking my bottom. The new technique allows me to hold still for a lot of punishment. She gave me 10 fast, hard swats followed by a 20 to 30 second rest. That allowed me to recover enough to accept the next flight of 10 swats. Mrs. Lion repeated this over 30 times. It was enough to make me red and bruised. I had no trouble holding still the entire time.

That brings me to a sort of issue with this technique: the groups of swats with a rest between them prevents me from feeling too much distress. That’s why I can do so well holding still. For now, this is very helpful for us both. It allows Mrs. Lion to spank me enough to leave a lasting impression. Sunday’s spanking marked me fairly well. However, it wasn’t intense enough to leave those telltale white spots that indicate a spanking is near its end.

That doesn’t mean she didn’t do a good job. She certainly did! It just means she has a way to go. “Why does this matter?” you might ask. It is a reference point that many spankers agree indicates a job well done. It also assures I will be feeling the results of her work for some time afterward. Remember, neither of  us have experience with thorough spankings. Sunday’s event put us well on our way.

Ok, once we reach the desired end point using the new technique, it’s time to make the process a lot more unpleasant for me. A spanking that I can handle without distress isn’t going to send a very strong message to me. Yes, the final outcome will cause me lasting pain. That’s very good. But we need more. We need the event to distress me enough so that I might even produce tears. But, at the same time, I need to hold still for the beating.

That’s what my training is all about. Mrs. Lion is learning that she can safely mark my butt. I have to learn to take a very distressful punishment without trying to escape. Actually, that training is pretty easy to provide. All Mrs. Lion has to do is add more swats to each group and/or reduce the “rest”  period between groups. She can easily adjust if I’m losing my self control without reducing the force of her blows.

It all comes down to timing. I suspect that by New Year’s Eve 2020 she will be able to give me a full disciplinary spanking. In the meantime 2019 is going to be a bit uncomfortable year for me to sit down.