It’s the slightest bit possible that I overreacted to Lion’s email the other day. Ok, it’s entirely possible. Yes, I did. A little. I guess Lion tends to get very “Men Are From Mars…” when it comes to my kids, especially my daughter. He wants her to stand on her own two feet and make her own way in the world. I didn’t stand on my own two feet until…I’ve never stood on my own two feet. But I understand. It just seems like asking about a computer program installation doesn’t rise to the level of not being able to stand on her own two feet.

On the other hand, my getting upset and vowing to punish Lion was a big step for me. We’ve established that I won’t stick up for myself, but go after my kids and, boy, we’ve got problems. That’s not to say that Lion should go after my kids on a regular basis. I might have to figure out how to stand on my own two feet if he did that. The point is, he hit that sweet spot of making me punish him. Maybe next time he pisses me off I should remember that feeling and let him have it.

Speaking of that, Lion wants to try a different punishment tack. He wants me to swat him in short bursts. I whomp, I wait, I whomp, I wait. Rinse and repeat. Why not? We’ve tried all sorts of things. He thinks it will help him handle longer punishments. I suppose that means he wants me to give him longer punishments. Up to now, I’ve been stopping when I thought I got my point across. I know that’s been too soon for Lion, but it was long enough for me.

I’m not sure how I’ll know when it’s long enough. Do I go until I find it absurd? That may not be too much longer. Do I go until Lion asks me to stop? He asks that even before I think I’m done. Do I pick a certain number of swats or a length of time? I guess I could try that. And then we’ll regroup afterwards to see if that number or length of time worked for Lion. How many swats? What length of time? Trial and error. Good thing I’m ok with experiments.

spahing spoon on Lion's butt
This is our new spanking spoon. It’s made from very dense Chechen wood. This is the meanest paddle we own.
(Click image to view larger)

Thursday night, punishment night, came with a list of offenses to be disciplined. Mrs. Lion chose the new, heavy, spanking spoon. She began hard and fast. Before she could get to 20 swats, I was trying to roll away. She let me rest and tried again. It was too much for me to hold still. I did horribly. I deserve a do-over tonight.

Tender9zer paddle on lion's butt
The tenderizer seems to be the paddle I can handle most easily. That doesn’t mean Mrs. Lion should select it.
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Being spanked by the tenderizer was painful, but for some reason easier for me to handle. This suggests that I need spanking lessons.

This may sound like an odd idea, but it’s firmly rooted in BDSM practice. Like any other skill, gracefully receiving a spanking is an acquired skill. Like many skills, learning isn’t necessarily fun.

The way spanking training works is to slowly build the ability to remain still in the face of painful stimuli. In a past life, I received this training after being tied down to a bed. Mrs, Lion doesn’t particularly like taking the time and effort to do that. Still, I can be taught.

Apparently, the spanking spoon is an instrument I need to learn. The way to master it is with practice, practice, practice. Mrs.. Lion might start with a flurry of ten swats. If I hold still, she congratulates me and waits a few seconds. Ten more follow. This repeats until she is confident I can hold still for ten hard, fast swats.

After a brief rest, she moves up to twelve, then fifteen, etc. The goal is to train me to avoid reacting to the pain and to hold still for my beating. This takes time. A session can’t just be a few flights of swats. It has to go on until she sees real progress. It can take time. The next day, training continues. Learning to accept pain is a process. It’s not one I will like one bit. But I have to learn to do much better than I did on Thursday night. I want to make Mrs. Lion proud.

This process takes consistent practice over weeks. There is no fast track here. Maybe Mrs. Lion can set a fixed time each night for practice; perhaps after she comes home from work. Consistency is the key to success for both of us.

This practice won’t make spankings hurt less. I expect they will hurt much more since Mrs, Lion won’t have to hold back. She can take pride in how well I have learned to take my medicine,

LIon in thong panties
Here is Lion in one of his thong panties.
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I unlocked Lion last night and edged him closer than I ever have before. Mr. Weenie was still at full attention for a few minutes afterward. As he slowly started to sink to half mast, I grabbed him again and got his attention. Lion was still very horny. With good reason. I’d whomped his butt for all his transgressions over the past few days.

My daughter was having trouble installing something on her laptop. I asked Lion a question about it. He answered, but in the email he got a little too snarky. When he said, “Seriously? She couldn’t just Google it?” he had crossed the line. One of the perks of living with a techy guy is asking questions that should be easy peasy for him. I was annoyed at his answer so I told him I was sorry I’d bothered him and planned to add some extra swats to his punishment. Why is it easier to punish him for things at certain points and not others?

Lion maintains that my daughter should try doing things on her own. It’s not like she hasn’t gutted her laptop to replace the hard drive all by herself or anything. It’s not like she isn’t going to college or anything. Still, it was a snarky answer for something that should have been an easy answer for someone with his computer knowledge. Maybe that’s why it was easier to punish him for it. He “attacked” family.

From time to time, Lion does attack my family. I’ve been on the receiving end of things like this for a long time. When my sister got pregnant, my parents made a big deal about it. It was wonderful news. When I got pregnant, it was not such wonderful news. Oh well. I chalked it up to being the screw-up of the family.

Lion doesn’t like the fact that my son is in the army. He remembers the Vietnam war and all the issues surrounding it. He hates the army for that reason. I think that joining the army was one of the best decisions my son ever made.

Any time I talk about my daughter and her plans for school, he’ll say she doesn’t know what she wants and she’ll change her mind a million times. He’ll say she’s making a stupid decision for following this path or that path. Needless to say, I try not to discuss family with Lion. My excitement about things will be squelched quickly.

Despite all this, when Mr. Weenie faded to half mast, I decided he should be edged again. He was very nicely hard with just the slightest amount of pre-cum on the tip. Yum! I needed more than pre-cum. I gave Lion another orgasm and left him wild. {Lion — She also fed me a big serving of semen after rubbing some on my nose. Not my favorite smell or taste.}

On the way to work this morning, I decided Lion should have pretty toe nails. I’m hoping I have a color that will match the panties he’ll be wearing. When will he wear them and for how long? I think I’ll choose the panties and polish when I get home. There’s something to be said for threatening to make him be pretty. I may milk that for a while. Or I may just paint his pretty toes tonight and make him wear the panties all weekend. We shall see.

[Mrs. Lion – For the record, Lion is proud of my kids.]

lion's spanked butt 4 days later
There are still noticeable marks four days after our NFL spanking game. Admittedly, this isn’t a lot of damage, but I’m famous for being very difficult to mark at all. Click here to see how I looked right after the spanking.
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Since we post nearly every day, a lot of information is passed between us each day. For example, before last Sunday’s NFL spanking game, I commented that Mrs. Lion was going easy on me with both shocks and swats. As a result, at the end of the game my bottom was well bruised. She took my advice to heart.

It turned out that it was good advice. I clearly needed that rougher handling. My libido returned and my interest in our activities grew stronger. I was surprised by the intensity of my reaction. The swats were hard to take, but I managed to accept about 100 over the course of the game.

Apparently, there is more than one way to bruise a lion. During the game, I received fourteen hard swats with some rest between sets. That helped me recover enough to take more. Perhaps that is a signal on how to give punishment spankings; flights of, say, 20 swats with a short rest. Once I get used to the sensation, no rest.

I don’t really understand it, but I actually do better with a stronger spanking. Maybe it’s the catharsis it induces. I don’t know. But I do know that the reason I never complained to Mrs. Lion was that I felt something good was happening during that game.

By the end of the game, I did feel a cathartic change. It was a very  good one. No, I didn’t turn into a puddle of submissive mush. I did feel transformed. After each score, I quietly rolled over onto my stomach for spanking. I knew what was coming and was ready  to receive the swats.

It wasn’t a contest of wills. I didn’t want to control the situation. I knew it would hurt a lot, but that didn’t matter. I knew it was supposed to hurt. And it did. Ironically, when I got two swats from the pointy side of the paddle — I get them if the other team turns over our ball — it didn’t really hurt. I was a bit disappointed.

A long time ago, Julie of strictjuliespanks wrote me that her goal when spanking her husband was to provide a cathartic experience. It’s something he needs. I wasn’t entirely clear on what that meant. I understood that it took a lot of painful spanking to get him there, but I wasn’t sure what it was to him. Julie said that it made him more submissive.

Last Sunday, I became more submissive in a subtle way. After those first hard flurries of swats, I didn’t want to comment on the beating. When a score was  made, I just wanted to roll over and accept my swats. That’s submission.

I wrote that I need those hard swats; that more gentle ones don’t reach me the same way. The spanking game suggests that flurries of hard swats with a short rest is a way to build me up to more continuous, hard spanks. I need to be trained to stay in place. That may be fairly easy to do. Attempting to roll away can be immediately punished.

We’ve operated on the level that I have to “earn” a spanking by breaking a rule. Yes, that’s absolutely something we should continue. It works to train me. But we also need “no reason” spankings just because I need them. I think it’s good practice for Mrs. Lion to say, “Roll over.” and then begin spanking me with no explanation.

Our NFL game has taught us a lot about spanking me. I suggest we take it out of the game context and just make it something that happens when Mrs Lion wants to do it. Those marks on my bottom apparently made some very positive marks on my soul.