Percussion Lessons

spahing spoon on Lion's butt
This is our new spanking spoon. It’s made from very dense Chechen wood. This is the meanest paddle we own.
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Thursday night, punishment night, came with a list of offenses to be disciplined. Mrs. Lion chose the new, heavy, spanking spoon. She began hard and fast. Before she could get to 20 swats, I was trying to roll away. She let me rest and tried again. It was too much for me to hold still. I did horribly. I deserve a do-over tonight.

Tender9zer paddle on lion's butt
The tenderizer seems to be the paddle I can handle most easily. That doesn’t mean Mrs. Lion should select it.
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Being spanked by the tenderizer was painful, but for some reason easier for me to handle. This suggests that I need spanking lessons.

This may sound like an odd idea, but it’s firmly rooted in BDSM practice. Like any other skill, gracefully receiving a spanking is an acquired skill. Like many skills, learning isn’t necessarily fun.

The way spanking training works is to slowly build the ability to remain still in the face of painful stimuli. In a past life, I received this training after being tied down to a bed. Mrs, Lion doesn’t particularly like taking the time and effort to do that. Still, I can be taught.

Apparently, the spanking spoon is an instrument I need to learn. The way to master it is with practice, practice, practice. Mrs.. Lion might start with a flurry of ten swats. If I hold still, she congratulates me and waits a few seconds. Ten more follow. This repeats until she is confident I can hold still for ten hard, fast swats.

After a brief rest, she moves up to twelve, then fifteen, etc. The goal is to train me to avoid reacting to the pain and to hold still for my beating. This takes time. A session can’t just be a few flights of swats. It has to go on until she sees real progress. It can take time. The next day, training continues. Learning to accept pain is a process. It’s not one I will like one bit. But I have to learn to do much better than I did on Thursday night. I want to make Mrs. Lion proud.

This process takes consistent practice over weeks. There is no fast track here. Maybe Mrs. Lion can set a fixed time each night for practice; perhaps after she comes home from work. Consistency is the key to success for both of us.

This practice won’t make spankings hurt less. I expect they will hurt much more since Mrs, Lion won’t have to hold back. She can take pride in how well I have learned to take my medicine,

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