My Christmas Miracle

Christmas was peaceful and full of love here. An unexpected package arrived early in the evening on Christmas Eve. It was a box of bagels from Zabar’s in New York. My daughter sent them to us. It’s an amazing treat to have New York bagels.

We’re both from New York. I’m from Manhattan and Mrs. Lion from Upstate. I grew up on deli food. After the bagels arrived, we planned to go to the only “real” deli we know about in our part of the country. Mrs. Lion looked it up to be sure they were open. We were going to eat dinner there and buy some lox (Jewish smoked salmon). I love lox, cream cheese and a slice of tomato on a bagel.

Sadly, the deli was closed; permanently. What a tragedy! Oh well, toasted bagel with cream cheese is nice too. On Christmas morning, we both woke up at about 8am. Mrs. Lion got dressed. I asked why. She told me she was heading to town (5 miles away) to buy some lox. She did some research and discovered that Safeway sold small packages of it.

I told her that she didn’t have to bother. She insisted. A half hour later she got back and I had a New York bagel and lox for breakfast. What a treat! I had no idea that I would end up with this amazing delicacy. What a lioness!

It’s moments like this that characterize our marriage. Our FLRD and enforced male chastity are other gifts from Mrs. Lion. She lost her libido several years ago, yet she keeps my sex life alive and well. That’s a lot of work for her. I’m very grateful.

I have no idea how I managed to be this lucky. I don’t know what she sees in me that makes it worth her effort to do so much for me. I’m very grateful.


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      Thank you. We’re lucky guys.

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