With This Ring

I intended to give Lion an oral ruined orgasm last night. I figured it would be difficult to know precisely when to stop given that I couldn’t see his face. In the end, what stopped the idea was that my neck was getting tired. Not that it took a long time to get him there, I think I just started out too fast. I decided, since it was Christmas eve, I’d give him a full orgasm.

This morning I realized I hadn’t locked him up again. He’s been wild so long, it will take my a while to get used to having him put on the ring so I can secure him. Lion has reminded me quite a few times that the Jail Bird is on his dresser. He’s reminded me a few times more that I can choose either the Jail Bird or the locking cock ring when it’s time to put him away. He’s also reminded me that it might be fun to go back into the Jail Bird from time to time. Subtle, isn’t he?

I think one of the best Christmas presents I can give him would be to lock him in the Jail Bird today. For old time’s sake. I wonder how long it will be until he complains about difficulty peeing or that it pinches. Maybe not for a few hours. By tomorrow maybe. And he won’t be able to get his morning woody. And there’s this cold, hard cage between him and his favorite toy.

Am I teasing him? Just a bit. I understand that he needs to be locked up in some capacity. The Jail Bird is probably too limiting in the sense of peeing and pinching. Maybe the locking cock ring isn’t limiting enough. I don’t know if there is a middle ground. I’m happy with the locking cock ring. In a sense it’s more like a wedding ring than the Jail Bird. The ring lets him know, as does his wedding ring, that he’s mine and he can’t cheat. Any time he sees either ring, he’s reminded of that. Sometimes when we’re holding hands, I play with his wedding ring and tell him someone loves him enough to put that on his finger. The same goes for the cock ring.

Sappy? You bet it is.

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