The Power Went Off Yesterday

hairy lion
After 8 weeks hair has grown back all over me. No, I’m not furry, but there is hair where none has been before.
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Neither of us posted yesterday.We had a power failure at 11:30 AM that lasted until 5:30 PM. Our generator had a broken charging socket, so the electric start didn’t work. We undressed and huddled under the covers until the power came back. I put on an Audible book on my phone and we had a pleasant afternoon.

I’m finally recovering. I am still not too steady on my feet, but things are getting better by the hour. Whew! Mrs. Lion takes great care of me. We had toaster waffles this morning. I got some syrup on the comforter. I mentioned it to my lioness since that is now a spankable offense.She replied, “I know.”

Maybe she can wax me this weekend. It’s been two months and I’m pretty hairy. We’ll have to see how she feels. As you can see in the image, I’m not all that hairy. Our various hair removal efforts in the pas have paid off. Still, it will be good to be completely hairless again.

There’s a lot more hair than you see in a wider shot. Wax will take care of it.
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The locking cock ring hasn’t been off since we got it this past Monday. It’s very comfortable and stays in place. I think the double base ring is responsible for the stability. If I were ordering another Jail Bird, I would order it with the double base ring. I would also consider ordering it with a round base ring instead of the oval I have now. I’m not sure that would make any real difference, but I am positive that the double ring makes a big difference.

Given that I”m back i a locked device on my penis, switching to the chastity device is very easy. I don’t think Mrs. Lion has any plans to do this, but if she feels that I need my penis out of range, the switch is trivial. I like that I’m not wild anymore. The locking cock ring reminds me who owns the penis it encases.

I’m owed a punishment spanking for spilling this morning. That will be coming today or tomorrow. Mrs. Lion comes home from work early today. I doubt my buns are in much danger before tonight. It’s been a while since we’ve had an interesting weekend. Maybe this will be one.