Nice Long Weekend

I am not motivated today. It’s a half day for me. All I need to do (I hate that phrase) is make it to 12:30 and then I’m off for five days. Five days! Five whole days with Lion. Yay!

Of course, not all that time will be fun. My chores have been piling up since we haven’t been feeling well. I need to gain some ground there. And there’s a little matter of getting our sex life going. That depends on Lion but I hope he’ll feel well enough for some play. He’s also gotten fuzzy. It’s been a long time since I’ve waxed him. I don’t have a time frame for any of these activities. I just think they can be accomplished in five days.

I’ve been thinking about waxing Lion. I know he likes his legs hairless too, but they are a pain in the neck to wax. I don’t even notice if he has hair on his legs or not. I’m leaning toward not waxing his legs anymore. He’ll still want his upper thighs waxed. I guess I can do that. In the videos, the waxee is always a young, muscle-y guy whose skin is taut. Lion’s skin is not taut on his upper thighs. I usually leave him with nasty bruises because I can’t seem to stretch the skin enough when I’m yanking the wax off. That will still be a problem if I do it there.

I’m not sure how Lion will react to having hairy legs again. It just seems like a lot of work for an area that is out of sight, out of mind. I am allowed, encouraged even, to put my foot down and I’m putting my foot down on this subject. Considering the fact that I’m still waxing everywhere else he wants, I don’t think this will be too big a deal.

Lion has been in his new locking cock ring since Monday night. He hasn’t been unlocked. We also haven’t played since then. He’s been sleeping a lot because of his medications. Plus he was still nauseous from time to time. The few times he’s been out from under the covers, I haven’t really noticed the cock ring. I guess there’s no reason I would. It’s tucked under his balls and only really makes a brief appearance where the lock is. I’ll have to be more proactive looking for it and investigating its contents. And then I’ll have to unlock Lion and see what develops.

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  1. Five days off sounds FABULOUS. I hope you enjoy your time. 🙂

    Merry Christmas. 🎅

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