My Take

I guess it’s my turn to review the locking cock ring. Lion has been wearing it for a little over a day. He says it feels comfortable and it makes him feel like he belongs to me. So what’s my take?

It’s not very noticeable. There’s no cage sticking out. I just see the top of the ring where the security screw locks things into place. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that I don’t really notice it on him.

The one thing I am positive about is that I don’t really like playing with him with it on. Granted, we only tried last night. The whole time I was getting him hard and trying to edge him, I was thinking it would be much easier/better if the cock ring wasn’t there. I should have unlocked him. But if I had, I wouldn’t know that I dislike having it on while we play.

I like to be able to play with Lion’s balls when I edge him. I like to mush them. I like to hold them individually and together. I can’t do that if they’re in the cock ring. Mr. Weenie is also inhibited by the ring. I know, it’s supposed to be. But I like the feel the full length of Lion’s cock. I like to yank him straight up, toward his head and toward his feet. I was limited to yanking him toward his feet.

This is not to say I won’t play with Lion with the ring on. For a long time I’ve been threatening to just get him hard and hot and bothered and then leave him hanging without actually edging him. I can do that now. If I don’t like edging him with the ring on then it will be easier to leave him hanging.

Despite not liking the ring in place, Lion said the attention felt nice and I decided to see if I could give him an orgasm. It took a while but I was successful. I think the ring kept me from touching all the spots he likes to have touched. The bottom line is that, yes, I can get him excited and he can have an orgasm with the ring on. Do I want that to happen again? Not really but never say never.

Afterwards, Lion said he wasn’t much of a fan of having the ring on while we play either. I’m glad we agree but ultimately it would be my decision whether it’s on or not. I’m leaning toward not.

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