We Can Try

I’ve been trying to keep Lion hydrated and fed. The hydration part is easier. He still feels nauseous so eating is not easy for him. We’ve been eating fairly bland foods for about a week. Well, he has. Any time I’ve made food for myself with any aroma, I’ve had to leave the room. Just the smell bothers him. I understand. Even when I’m feeling well, some of the things he eats bother me.

This morning he asked if I want to play our football game. I have no idea if he’s up to it or not. We can try it and see. If he wants to stop at any point, we can. Personally, I think he’ll have some trouble even staying awake if yesterday was any indication. Of course, last week it was me who fell asleep toward the end of the game. We’re quite a pair!

We do make a great pair. Aside from the fact that we both get sick at the same time, we try to take care of each other. I put up with him and he puts up with me. I’ll do anything for him and he’ll do anything for me. We just fit. We have a very peaceful marriage.

Today, after I take care of some chores, we’ll lounge around and give the football game a shot. At some point I have to get lunch into him. He ate breakfast so my fingers are crossed. Then I’ll defer to Lion for dinner plans. Neither of us have been getting the right nutrients. I guess that’s why they invented vitamins. I’ll just be glad to get him past this bout of nausea. Maybe the doctor can help him tomorrow.

Yes, this is another boring post. Move along. Nothing happening here. But I hope things will get better in the coming week.

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