A Brief Note From Under The Covers

I’m  on the way back. I can sit up without a coughing fit. I am thinking about sex. There is no erection, but at least sex is on my mind. I asked Mrs. Lion if we can play our NFL spanking game today. She agreed. She’s a little dubious that I’m up to it.I guess we’ll see.

I’m excited about the arrival of the locking cock ring. The post office sent a notice it is coming tomorrow. When it arrives, I’ll model it for you. Since it’s been a long time when I was last waxed, there will be hair in the picture for the first time in years. There isn’tmuch. Most is gone for good. Ironically, what’s coming back is mostly gray.

The new device is the first I’ve considered that is intended to encourage erections. Of course it is not intended to encourage me to get myself hard. It’s for Mrs. Lion’s entertainment. Hoo boy!