I’m such a pushover. Lion showed the first signs of being interested in sex last night and I gave him an orgasm. This is after telling him that I was just going to get him hard and leave him hanging. I always say that and do more.

Personally, I think Lion got himself jump-started by researching about the cageless cage. All that looking at cages and cock rings and talking to the Mature Metal folks got him in the mood for love. He just shook his head at me. I’m serious. He’s been sick and barely able to stay awake. Suddenly he’s horny? And Mr. Weenie was certainly hard. He even rewarded me with some yummy creme filling. Yup. It was the research that did it.

Lion thinks the new cage will be here by Monday. He thinks he’ll be able to stay locked while I edge him. I’m not convinced but we’ll see. I’m just not sure how that will work. I realize he’ll be able to get an erection. But I like playing with his balls when I tease him. I like them loose. It seems like the cage will get in the way.

Maybe Lion will be hornier because he’s in bondage all the time. If he remains locked while I’m playing with him, does that take the place of tying him up? Is it apples to apples? Other than orgasms, which I don’t think he can safely have with the cage on, why would I need to unlock him?

I have my doubts about this new setup but not enough to stop Lion from trying it. Of course I told him he could get it. It might turn out to be the best thing since the Jail Bird. If nothing else, it’s another experiment. I like experiments.


  1. Please share link to the cageless cage. My search couldn’t find anything

    1. It’s not a cageless cage. It’s a locking cock ring. You can find it here.

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