Post Grad Enforced Chastity

locking cock ring
This is the double locking cock ring we ordered. Instead of a padlock, we ordered the security screw.

I’ve been in enforced male chastity for five years. At this point, the chastity device is more an inconvenience than a useful control device. At some point, I became conditioned not to masturbate under any circumstances. My chastity device became more of a symbol than a needed piece of sexual hardware.

I could argue that sexual hardware was never really needed. Mrs. Lion could have trained me without locking me into a Mature Metal Jail Bird. I suggested the hardware. I also suggested the power exchange. I wanted to be locked in a chastity device. It sends a strong message to me about being sexually submissive. I’m very sure that the device has no similar effect on Mrs. Lion. It’s probably some extra work for her to put on and take off.

To her credit, she saw how exciting it was for me to be locked in a device. Over the years, wearing the device was just for me. Mrs. Lion never used it to punish me (make me stay locked longer between teasing). She supported my fetish. She also enforced that I always remained locked up. I couldn’t decide to take it off. That’s what I wanted.

When I had shoulder surgery, the cage came off for months. I asked to put it back on. Mrs. Lion agreed. I stayed locked up for a month or two. I asked to be released. I grew impatient with the inconvenience of spraying pee. The thrill seemed to have gone away. Sexually, I remain under Mrs. Lion’s full control. So, the device came off again.

I miss it. Well, maybe I don’t exactly miss wearing a chastity device. I miss being locked into something that only Mrs. Lion can release. A collar would work as well as a cage. I’ve tried wearing a collar in the past. Every one I tried ended up irritating my neck. Then, there was the problem of a “public” collar I could wear at work and when out and about.

I like wearing a chastity device because it is absolute evidence that I belong to Mrs. Lion. My penis is hers. Anyone who sees it, will know that I don’t control it. I love that idea. I miss it now that I’m unlocked. I started wondering if there was something else we could do that would give me the security of being locked up without the mess of a cage.

After digging around on the Web, I found a device that Mature Metal makes: a locking cock ring. Essentially, it is the base ring of my Jail Bird connected to a simple ring that my cock threads through. The rings lock together. I can’t just slip out of it. I don’t want to. To me at least, it’s unmistakable evidence of my sexual surrender to Mrs. Lion. It may be a nice next step.

I wrote to Mature Metal and got some insight into this device. Mistress MM wrote,

“I LOVE using the double locking cock ring on William. It allows me access when ever I want it and I know he is trained to not touch. You MAY want to go up a size on the front locking cock ring  since you will be able to become fully erect.”

In a later conversation, Mistress MM clarified that point. By “going up a size” she meant going from the 1-1/4″ diameter of my Jail Bird chastity device to 1-5/8″. This would permit me to get an erection, but would be very tight and probably uncomfortable. When I mentioned this, she agreed and said that’s the idea. She went on to say that it would keep me hard by restricting the return flow of blood to my body, but it won’t be tight enough to not let me eventually get soft again.’

That means the cock ring will probably have to come off if I am to ejaculate. It’s unlikely I can if the ring is this tight. Mistress MM didn’t see why I thought this would be an issue. I’m not surprised. This is, after all, about sexual control.

I guess I’m not the first to consider this concept for post-graduate chastity. I was interested in the comment that I would be able to become fully erect. Unlike a chastity device, this ring is intended to be left in place at all times, including during most sexual activities.

With Mrs. Lion’s permission I ordered the Mature Metal locking cock ring. Unless I have to fly, this device could be my full time companion, even during teasing.


  1. WOW That is very cool! Maybe I will try it too.

    1. Author

      I think it is a great next step! Good price too. Tell Mistress MM that I sent you. 🙂

  2. I’m very intrigued!! I am looking forward to hearing and seeing how this works on you. Yes I said seeing!

    1. Author

      I promise to show you. I’ll be pretty hairy. No waxing for two months now.

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