Report From My Bed

Both Mrs. Lion and I have been under the weather. I’ve been in bed continuously since Friday at 10 AM. Mrs. Lion has been sick too but more mobile. I’m grateful she kept you updated. I’ve noticed that she appears to think I’m wimpy for complaining and staying in bed while she soldiers through. Maybe i am. I’ve been up and sitting at my desk for ten minutes now. I’m near my limit.

I like to think that I’m brave and strong. Maybe not. In any case, my lioness has been taking really good care of me. Sadly, I’m nowhere near back to normal. For the record, I forget to tell Mrs. Lion that Saturday was punishment day. I just remembered now. The fact that I remember is a very good sign.

I have bills to pay but that’s not going to happen this morning. I’m heading back to bed with no thoughts of sex, FLRD, or anything else. More when i feel better.


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