Grab Bag

I’m trying very hard to get into working this morning. That’s a lie. For every work thing my brain does, it goes off on three tangents. I have taken care of some emails and handled almost all of the 60 things that need to be quickly reviewed before sending them out. But I’ve also looked at several Cyber Monday deals, watched the rain beating against the window near my desk, taken a survey, commiserated with a coworker and gotten coffee twice. And, of course, I’m writing this. I still think they’re getting their money’s worth out of me.

This morning I grabbed a can of soup out of the paper bags still sitting on the kitchen table since Friday night. It was an easy thing to take for lunch. When I told Lion about it, I said it was like a grab bag trying to find a flavor I wanted. Then I said it was like his Box O’Fun choices, except that I could put back the flavor I didn’t want. He’s not so lucky. He gets stuck with his selection.

I forgot to have him make a pick from the Box O’Fun. We decided not to play our football game. It’s a good thing too. Poor Lion’s balls would have been on fire. For a while there was a flag on every play. He would have gotten eighty-some swats too. And at least one tenderizer swat for an interception.

I’m hoping we’ll get back to normal this week. I’m less tired. Still coughing, with a runny nose though. I think it’s from the CPAP. Whatever cold aspect I had, seems to have cleared up. Even with the rain, I’m not congested. Lion is still snoozing a lot and feeling out of it. But I think he should be coming out of it soon.

I predict we may be doing some sort of playing by Wednesday and be in full force by the weekend. I’m not sure we’ll have the energy for waxing next weekend. That’s a lot of work. Okay. We have our game plan. Break!