Four Days Together

Lion has a cold. He stayed in bed all yesterday except for short trips to the kitchen and bathroom, and a conference call. We had mushroom barley soup for dinner that he made about a week ago. I hope he eats the leftover for lunch. He needs something warm and cozy.

I’m still not sure if my stuffy/runny nose and cough are a cold or from the CPAP. I sound much worse than I feel. Yesterday I was barely able to stay awake. I left work early and then decided that the exhaustion was due, in part, to my taking nighttime cold medicine so my cough and whatever this sinus thing is didn’t keep me awake. I’m pretty sure the gunk that puts you to sleep accumulates in my system to the point that I can’t function. I feel better this morning since I didn’t take it last night.

I suppose it’s good news that we’ve gotten sick when we have four days off from work. I think I’ll be able to shove the turkey in the oven tomorrow. The most elaborate thing Lion makes is the sweet potato dish with marshmallows on it. Mashed potatoes and stuffing aren’t difficult. The gravy just needs to be defrosted and heated. We should be able to accomplish it all in short bursts of energy.

It’s a good thing I gave Lion an orgasm the other night. He may not want any action for a while. That makes for a boring blog, but what can we do? I think it’s also important to show what we do in our normal day-to-day lives. Our bodies may not be willing to move but our minds still work. I bet we can come up with some amazing, drug-induced ideas in four days.

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