Taking Orgasms

I had to drag it out of him with the Magic Wand, but I was able to give Lion a full orgasm last night. He had trouble getting very far the night before. I figured that was because we played so late. Last night wasn’t late but there might have been something else going on. Maybe he’s just in a slump.

Regardless, I wanted him to have an orgasm, so when he suggested the Magic Wand I went with it. Ideally I would have used my mouth but I’ve had a cough and a stuffy nose since I started with the CPAP so oral was out. Plus I think we might both be coming down with colds. Perfect timing. We can snooze for four days starting Wednesday night.

Lion looked to see when his last regular orgasm was and reported that it was roughly three weeks ago. I don’t keep track. I don’t even ask before I give him any kind of orgasm. I just get the idea that he should come and there it is. Lion isn’t arguing. Perhaps he’d like more but he’s happy with edging and ruined orgasms. He better be. It’s not up to him.

I may be wrong but I think it’s better, from a power perspective, to give him any sort of orgasm when he isn’t particularly horny. It seems like I’m taking it rather than giving it. When he’s super horny, it’s easy to make him come. He wants to. There’s no challenge in that. Not that I don’t love giving that super hard cock the orgasm he’s straining to have, but taking it when he’s noncommittal is good too.

Good thing Lion doesn’t have many days when he really doesn’t want an orgasm. Are there days when a man doesn’t want an orgasm? Sometimes the mind is willing but the body has other ideas.


  1. I’m with you Miss Lion. I think taking them when he isn’t particularly in the mood is more powerful on your part. It cements the fact that his orgasms are not up to him. That seems like a very powerful training tool to me. Lol. I hope you both feel better soon.

    1. It’s Mrs. Lion.

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