Review: Holy Paddle! Intimate Spanker

one cheek sized paddle
One-cheek sized paddle. This heavy paddle is 3/4″ thick and made from very heavy Chenchn hardwood.

Our new  paddle arrived Wednesday. It was just in time for the “play” spanking I was owed. As you can see this is a “one cheek” paddle measuring only 12-inches long, including a 5-inch handle. The face is 3-1/2 inches wide. It’s an ideal size for over-the-knee spanking. Like the other paddles from this craftsman, it’s made from 3/4-inch-thick chechen wood. It’s very dense and heavy.

I picked one with small holes drilled into it. Supposedly, the holes prevent an air cushion from forming between the paddle face and my bottom. This is untrue. There is no significant change in the air resistance of the paddle with such a small amount of its surface area perforated. Nevertheless, I like the way this paddle looks with the small holes.

This paddle is a great addition to our collection. Most of our paddles, are longer. Mrs. Lion prefers spanking standing over me as I lie flat on the bed. Occasionally, she will sit on the bed next to me for a play spanking. The new paddle is a perfect size for that.

On Wednesday night, she used this paddle while standing over me. I think she had to bend a bit in order to hit the right spot. As you can see, the paddle’s face is just the right size to cover one of my cheeks. This allows her much more accurate placement of each swat.

I couldn’t feel the holes in the paddle at all. I’m very sure that the solid version of this model would feel precisely the same. Since it was a play spanking, Mrs. Lion used a lot less force than she does when she punishes me or when we play our football spanking game. I suspect that with more energy this paddle could get me yelping in no time.

Mrs. Lion tried using the edge of the paddle as well as its face. The edge had a nice thuddy feel. At the force she was using, she didn’t leave any marks. Used more enthusiastically, I’m sure she would leave significant bruises.

lion's butt paddled with paddle tramp
This little paddle is very painful. It’s thick oak. Mrs. Lion uses it to punish me in the kitchen.

While compact, I think this paddle is too big to fit in her purse. It’s certainly too heavy. In some ways, it’s a more refined version of our kitchen spanking paddle (see image left). That’s also a three-quarter inch, hardwood spanker. It’s sharp edges add sting the new paddle doesn’t have.

I’m very happy with products made by this craftsman. They’re beautiful, wonderfully finished, and surprisingly effective. Best of all, they are fairly priced.

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  1. We have one with holes that will bring some blood spots out for sure. It hurts. Mi Amor usually finishes with that one ….. We are at the year and a half mark in our male chastity/flr dd lifestyle . We couldn’t be happier .

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