Lion Has a Lot of Fun

Lion keeps track of when he has orgasms. I’m unclear, at this point, if he counts ruined orgasms as orgasms. [Lion — I do.] I just know he wanted more ruined orgasms so I gave him another one last night. Afterwards he said he didn’t expect to come. I told him he didn’t. Not really. Hence, my confusion.

Not that it really matter how he counts things. I can never remember. I just gave him orgasms when I felt like it. Now he wants ruined orgasms more often and regular orgasms on special occasions. So I guess he’ll get ruined orgasms when I feel like it and regular orgasms if I think to give him one.

Technically, I wanted to give him a regular orgasm last night but I figured that was too soon given the fact that he pointed out my propensity to give him ruined orgasms at the same interval I gave him regular orgasms. He said it had been three days since his last ruined orgasm. I think that’s still the regular orgasm interval so I’m still behind. Oh well.

I’ve decided not to go to my work function tonight. I’ve been too tired to deal with having fun in a bar while watching a football game and dealing with people I don’t really want to deal with for eight hours a day anyway. We have to take the garbage out to the curb again and I’d rather not do that if I get home late. Excuses, excuses, I know. But I’m not much of a social butterfly. I’d rather watch the game with Lion, if we watch the game at all. I don’t want to play our football game tonight. The deal was one game per week and I’d rather do it on Sunday. In lieu of the game, he can have another ruined orgasm.

He had his play spanking last night too. It only lasted ten minutes but he said his buns were sore. We’ll have to do it more often so both of us can get used to longer sessions. I won’t say he has a wimpy butt because he’s been handling punishment swats. I just think he’d enjoy it more if he were in practice. We can do that.

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