Double the Swats, Double the Fun

tenderizer paddle
My scorekeeper. Lion got to meet it over 100 times during the game.

Lion’s buns were unhappy with him last night. He suggested two swats for each point scored in the football game. He had over 100 swats. It’s true that they were in bursts of six or fourteen and they weren’t really that close together, but it’s still over 100 swats with no warm up. And that’s in addition to the zaps that launched Lion off the bed despite the fact that I kept turning the “volume” down. The best part about the whole thing is that the Giants actually won. I know! I’m shocked too.

I did something different yesterday. I forgot to have Lion pick from the Box O’Fun on Sunday night so I took four pieces of paper and wrote things on them like butt plug, clothespins, etc. along with the numbers one through four. When Lion sent me an email, I told him to pick a number between one and four without telling him why. He obediently chose number three. Lucky Lion picked a play spanking. Since we were doing the football swats last night and I’m off to a work function tonight, he’ll have to wait until Wednesday for his play spanking anyway but it’s the thought that counts. It also gives Lion something nice to look forward to.

I’m very proud of Lion for just picking a number without asking why he was picking. It’s not like I spring things on him, but he does like to know what’s going on. It’s impressive that he would go with the flow. Good job, my pet!