It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

Aside from being Snoopy’s go-to beginning of his stories, it sums up what life is like around here this time of year. The past few nights have been clear and cold, but the rain is back. Since the time change, night settles in even earlier. I don’t like it one bit.

Last night I took the night off. Well, I made dinner and cleaned up afterwards, but I didn’t play with Lion. He was horny but sometimes he just has to wait. He may be top of the food chain, but what I say goes. And I said we were only snuggling.

I took the Icy Hot/menthol rub cards out of the Box O’Fun. There were only two but I know Lion is glad they’re gone. I haven’t decided if I’m going to give up on the whole idea of hot balls. I just don’t want Lion to pick them out of the Box O’Fun. And I’ll have to think about their future. One thing I’ve been wondering is if there is a reliable way to counteract them. Washing is hit and miss. Sometimes it seems to make things worse. I’ve heard if you eat chili peppers and they’re too hot, milk can make things better. I’ve also heard the same about tequila but my theory on that is you get drunk and don’t care if your mouth is on fire. I haven’t really done a search to find ways to counteract menthol rubs. It would seem there should be something out there. Little kids are bound to get their hands on Icy Hot and put it someplace it shouldn’t be. At any rate, menthol in any form is out for now.

Lion selected ball bondage from the Box O’Fun for tonight. He was very happy. He loves bondage. And he loves having his balls played with. Ball bondage is the best of both worlds. I’m sure he’ll be a happy boy tonight.