Sunday Night Football Spanking

Last night we played our football spanking game again. This time it was the Seahawks game. Mrs. Lion had a very sore knee. She’s not sure why but it was really hurting her. I volunteered to suspend our play, but she bravely decided that our game must go on. What a trooper!

She used her new tenderizer paddle. It is bigger and heavier than the old one. She also administered my swats while she was on her side on the bed. That way she didn’t have to hurt her knee. Initially, the paddle felt less painful than the smaller, lighter tenderizer. I mentioned that. She said she was just getting the feel of it. As the game went on, she clearly got the feel. It doesn’t sting as much as the lighter one. But it does pack a wallop. By the second half, seven swats were very painful.

Whenever the Seahawks were sacked, I got a single swat from the tenderizer side. It didn’t feel any different than the smooth side. That’s probably because Mrs. Lion was using it gently. I’m sure that will change over time. Also, all I got was a single swat for each sack. She may need to add more for me to get an incentive to hope our quarterback isn’t sacked.

She was very gentle with the shocks. I barely felt them. They were enough for me to jump a bit, but not enough to worry me. Last week I dreaded yellow flags. I’m getting a long distance shock collar. It’s supposed to have a range of up to 2,000 feet. Our current one barely makes 15 (It’s bluetooth connected to Mrs. Lion’s phone). The new one has its own remote control. She likes to use a shock collar when we are out and about shopping. It’s a good way for her to call me if I wander.

The Box O’Fun and our football spanking game is renewing our playful side. I’m glad. As I thought, the broken (ruined) orgasm last week left me horny and wanting more. I didn’t hate it. Actually, given a choice between edging and a broken orgasm, I’ll take the broken orgasm. It’s more fun, but not too much fun if you know what I mean.

I’m still due a clothespin session. That was the last card I picked from the Box O’Fun. Under our current rules, I pick one and then Mrs. Lion does what the card says the next day or later. It gives me time to think about what’s coming.

It sounds odd, but the additional BDSM activity, particularly spanking, seems to bring us closer and improve communication. Punishments also have that effect on us. I think the reason is that both sorts of activity forces us to pay more attention to one another. At least, that’s my theory.


  1. I’m surprised that your shock collar has such a short range. It might be due to the way the app works from your phone. I can say that my collar works from a great distance—supposedly up to 400 yards. In point of fact the furthest it has worked from me is about 200 feet. Inside a large grocery store when I was at the pharmacy section and my Queen was in the fruits and vegetables. I made my way back to her quickly as she was demonstrating some impatience! lol.

    1. Author

      Our collar works with Bluetooth on Mrs. Lion’s phone. We just got a new one with it’s own controller. They claim very long range. We’ll see.

      1. If it’s like mine you will be impressed. She can be out of sight and I know she wants me. As to the contact of the electrodes, I have to constantly tighten mine as it loosens up over time. The problem with that is, if it’s too loose, it can sag so that the electrodes are resting on my testicles. In this situation when stimulated, the shocks go directly to my testicles and it is a different kind of discomfort. I really hate that feeling. And if it’s too tight, then the electrodes make exceptional contact and I will be doubled over when she zapps me at the maximum. So I’m always adjusting it. Sometimes it’s perfect but it never lasts.

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