Fire in the Hole

ginger root in lion's ass
Here is lion on his knees, head down, enjoying his figging.

I remembered to take the ginger out of the refrigerator last night so it could get to room temperature. I don’t think Lion was particularly in the mood for figging, but I did it anyway. Actually I know he wasn’t, since I wasn’t able to arouse him later on. But I had to complete my experiment.

The good news (not that Lion thought so) is that room temperature ginger starts out warm and gets hot almost immediately. Refrigerated ginger must act as a numbing agent so the heat has to fight through. Obviously we’ll be using room temperature ginger from now on. In the past, of course, Lion didn’t pick from the Box O’Fun ahead of time and any figging was done spur of the moment. I’ll have to make sure that I pull it out of the fridge a while before the fun begins.

I don’t know exactly how long the burn lasted. I didn’t ask. It was quite long though. Lion went off to edit the picture I took and add it to his post. He wasn’t quick. When he came back into the bedroom he said he was still feeling it. Perfect! I love when an experiment yields useful results.