Horrible Memory

I really didn’t remember telling Lion he’d gets swats for football points. I swear I said he’d get zapped. That’s why was only going to do one per score. Seven zaps seemed excessive. I had to go back through my posts to check. Sure enough, I’d said swats. Lion said he didn’t hear what I said in my mind. Silly.

In hindsight, it does make more sense to receive zaps and swats. Penalties and points are two different things. They should receive different modes of attention. Lion was smart not to read my mind.

If it was totally dependent on the Giants score, Lion’s butt would probably be very safe tonight. In short, they stink. They seem to be picking right up from where they left off last season. That’s why I decided to go with both teams’ scores.

I have an idea of the paddle I’ll use. It’s the one with the tenderizer side. I won’t use that side. We use it for play and, after all, isn’t that what this is? It will also save my hand from the misery that is potentially a high-scoring game even if it’s not the Giants scoring the points.

As always, we have no idea how this is going to work. It may not work at all. It may work, but not in this configuration. We may have to tweak it a lot. Poor Lion. Sometimes he’s a lab rat.

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