I was determined to play with Lion last night no matter how tired I was. Around 9 o’clock I heard him muttering to himself. I just wanted to finish one thing in my game and then I was heading to get the butt plug when he asked if I planned on playing with him. Patience, my pet.

I think he was less than thrilled when I inserted the butt plug. He’s never very happy about it at the time. It even seemed to impede the progress of the Magic Wand. I can imagine his muscles tightening, encountering the butt plug, getting uncomfortable, but still trying to react to the vibrator. Eventually the vibrator won. I edged him a few times and then gave him an orgasm.

Orgasms with the butt plug in are not as comfortable as au natural orgasms. But then, Lion can’t be too choosy about when or how he gets his orgasms. He is definitely at my mercy. Poor thing.

Tonight we probably won’t play. He’s generally not horny the night after an orgasm. That doesn’t mean we won’t snuggle, hold hands, or touch in some other way. By tomorrow he may be horny again. Even if he’s not, I can bring out the Box O’Fun to see if I can convince him.

I have no definite plans for the weekend but I think I see some pretty toenails in Lion’s future. Once I find the nail polish, of course. Pretty toenails are like frilly panties. No one but he and I know he’s got them. He might forget he has them but once he notices he’s reminded who’s in charge. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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  1. Being a sub, unlike Lion. I enjoy being at the whim of my master. This is just the kind of domination, the way it should be.

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