My Ideas Are Boring Too

I’m not exactly sure I’d have to do my own research to make play more interesting to me. There are things I’ve come up with that I don’t do very often. Many of those things are very mean. The tiny clothespins and Velcro were my idea. I don’t think we’ve used Velcro since the time I injured my weenie with it. And the tiny clothespins are just too mean. I’m also the brains behind nail polish and panties. Neither of those are mean, but we don’t do them often.

I think I probably go through phases like Lion does. Maybe my phase of being bored is similar to his disinterest in sex. We both go through slumps. Maybe mine last longer because I don’t try to drag myself out of it. I’ll have to rectify that. Lion does try to help by suggesting we use the Box O’Fun. I wonder if I don’t want to use it because I don’t really want to do the mean things to him.

Maybe with all the talk about 3.0 showing up, 1.0 has decided to come back for a visit. Actually, before 1.0 there was 0.0. She was the one afraid of hurting Lion. She barely made contact with Lion’s butt while swatting. I think 0.5 has been around longer than anyone. She could whomp Lion fairly well. She could use all the torture devices. She was around before enforced chastity and FLRD.

I wonder if my slumps coincide with Lion’s. The difference may be that Lion comes out of his while I don’t. So my quest now is to get myself back to at least the 1.0 level. 1.5 or 2.0 would be better, obviously, but I’ll take what I can get at this point.


  1. Could you reference the post about the velcro?

  2. I think you are doing a great job, and honestly are more patient then I would be. If you aren’t in the mood then it doesn’t matter how he feels. You’re the boss. Period. I think it would help that you say that though. “I know that you are just dying to play tonight and even though I know that I’m still gonna tell you no, because I’m not in the mood and I can do what I want.”

    1. Author

      That probably will help. I think Lion really just wants to know what’s going on, otherwise he feels ignored.

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