Research May Be Required

As Mrs. Lion mentioned, an old classmate of mine is here visiting us. It’s fun to catch up. It’s also exhausting. I’m very tired. As Mrs. Lion wrote, I got great oral sex Thursday night. It really ht the spot! It always does. Other than that, sexual fun is suspended until Monday night. We almost never have overnight guests visitng. Fortunately, we recently cleaned up and our toys weren’t spread all over the house.

Mrs. Lion wrote about being bored with most of the play we do, I wonder if she shouldn’t do some BDSM research and experiment with what she learns. So far, she’s depended on me to e her go-to resource for lion torture. She may need to be more proactive. I’d like to see what she comes up with.

The alternative is play tapers off as it becomes just another chore for her. Fortunately, she likes edging me. I never tire of that.

This post is short today. I’m having some trouble with my eyes and it’s difficult for me to read and write. I’ll post more later in the weekend.