I Can Stay Awake

We are in the home stretch of getting the house ready for our house guest. I need to get last minute things out of the spare bedroom. I also need to dust the whole house and vacuum the living room. The robot vacuum can’t get into the living room because there’s a step down. It’s just as well. The birds throw their nuts and seeds all over the floor and that would just clog the robot vacuum.

Tomorrow is Lion’s birthday. We’re going to a few nice restaurants while our guest is here so we really aren’t going to celebrate his birthday with dinner out. I was thinking I might bring Chinese home with me instead. Bagels, birthday cake, and Chinese food all within a few days of each other — what a lucky Lion!

We’re both very tired today. Lion was up until 1 am watching TV. Consequently, I was up too. I took little catnaps here and there but, for the most part, I was awake. It seemed as soon as I got to sleep, the dog was having a seizure. It was really a few hours later. I was awake, flipping the light on and on my way down the hall to get her medicine in one movement. Luckily the medicine brings her out of it quickly but we were wide awake again. I don’t know how much sleep we actually got and I’m doing pretty well staying awake, but I know I’ll hit a wall at some point.

I’m not sure what shape we’ll be in later but I doubt we’ll play. I’m determined not to fall asleep until bed time. I’m not sure snuggling is a good idea given the fact that I’ve been known to fall asleep while snuggling. We’ll definitely hold hands while watching TV. We’ll just have to take it as it comes.

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