Jump Start

Lion was tired when he got home last night. He was snoozing while we watched TV. We both got up early so he could get to work at the crack of dawn. I’m not sure what shape we’ll be in later but we can always snuggle.

I assume I’ll need to jump start Mr. Weenie next time we play. If he goes a few days without attention he tends to be difficult to rouse. I could be wrong. But I might start off with the butt plug just to get the ball rolling again. Any form of play (except the maximum strength Icy Hot) will get Lion in the mood if he isn’t already.

I was all ready to give him an orgasm the other night. I don’t know if tonight will be his night or not. If we’re too tired maybe tomorrow will be his night. I don’t usually have a particular night in mind anymore. It’s just whenever the mood strikes. If Lion had one when the mood struck, he’d have more orgasms. I think he’s a very lucky boy with all the orgasms he gets even when I make him wait.