In the End

Lion took the butt plug with only a little discomfort. I’m not positive I gave him enough lube, but he kept it in for a little over a half hour. I didn’t want to leave it in too long because it’s been months since he’s had anything up his ass. Generally I leave it in for about an hour or maybe a little more. Any longer than that and I guess the lube dissolves and it makes holding it, much less comfortable and removing it, difficult.

Long after I was done edging him, Lion reminded me how horny he was. He thinks once I get his motor running when he’s not really feeling horny, he stays horny for the duration. I don’t know how many days he’s gone since his last orgasm, but I’m sure he can make it longer. How long? No idea. But longer than last night.

I’m not sure if I should give him another round with the butt plug tonight or not. If I do he’ll most likely assume I’m training him for bigger and better things. I’m not going to commit to that. I just want to give him some anal attention because I know he likes it and he hasn’t had it for quite a while. Not everything has to have an ulterior motive.

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