Professional Waxing, At Your Service

Between fixing my truck and the casino, I did some damage to my bank account. And to think, I was the one who suggested going! Oh well. I was somewhat entertained while I lost my money. Lion had fun and I had fun watching Lion have fun.

We didn’t play last night. I was really tired by the time we got home. I think that was a given when we decided to go to the casino. But I did promise Lion some dungeon fun this weekend. We woke up late today so we may push our shopping off till tomorrow. That would still give us time either day for play. It’s raining so neither of us is motivated to go outside anyway. Snuggling up and watching movies sounds like a plan.

The other night I noticed some fur growing back on my balls. It felt like five o’clock shadow to me. Lion took a picture and said there are some longer hairs but we should still wait at least a week for waxing. He figures every four weeks should be the goal. Apparently that’s what people do when they go for professional waxing. Since Lion bought another wax warmer, we are fast approaching professional capacity. It shouldn’t come as any surprise. Lion researches and stocks up on most things we need. We have hundreds of diapers, more barbecue sauce than we can use, and cookbooks galore. My boss laughs at me when she mentions something she’s thinking about buying and I say we have three in our garage. Sometimes we sell stuff and other times we can find the perfect gift for someone without leaving the comfort of our own home.

This latest wax warmer is double barreled. He found out that the stripless wax we’ve been using isn’t the preferred one for sensitive areas like balls. There’s one with a lower melting temperature so it won’t burn him when it’s applied. Not that I’ve actually burned him. He just gets a nasty jolt sometimes. Not as bad as when he scalded himself but a jolt nonetheless. Next time I wax, we’ll have all four waxes at our disposal and I can de-fur him more safely. I may need to color-code Lion so I can keep track of which wax goes where.


  1. Will you wax me? I have to do it my self, my GF (ok, former GF) tried to do me and was not successful. So now I need to do it myself. What a pain!

  2. I shave my cock & balls every week & it only takes 10 minutes in the tub. The problem was the first time of getting rid of the long hair.

    1. Of course, waxing doesn’t need repeating more than once every month or more. No stubble either.

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