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Lion milk carton
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Ok, my lion milking idea is clearly flawed. (Read about it here) In her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion highlighted the flaw. I suggested that edging and giving me orgasms could be considered a sort of chore. My reasoning was fuzzy at best. In a testosterone-fueled haze I imagined her excellent efforts to sexually stimulate me as something she performed out of love for me and because it is part of our enforced chastity/FLRD agreements. I didn’t forget that the reason I get all this wonderful attention is the fact that she loves me.

Obviously, she doesn’t do all this for me because it is her job. Lion milking isn’t listed on her resume. As she pointed out,

“On a very basic level, hookers are paid to just give sex. Some men pay more for the “girlfriend” experience, which involves affection, or at least pseudo-affection.”

True enough. It never occurred to me that she would consider my idea a way to remove affection and love from sex. No, I never want to do that. My vision was definitely of the girlfriend/wife experience. I imagined the edging and other activities as an enjoyable task, not a job or unpleasant obligation.

After more thought and an amazing hand job last night, I realize that my depersonalization fantasy makes no sense at all. The idea of being “milked” is a hot fantasy, but not a very good reality. Every so often I propose turning a hot fantasy into reality. Fortunately, Mrs. Lion will often turn the fantasy into reality. Sometimes it works out, mostly it doesn’t. In this case my thought made no sense at all and she let me know.

I do think the idea is hot. It might make a fun scene, but nothing more. Imagine me on all fours being “milked” by Mrs. Lion. That is a hot image for me. But to expect this sort of depersonalized kind of sex on a regular basis just won’t work. I treasure the affection and love she shows me. That love comes through clearly each time she edges me or gives me an orgasm. I’m absolutely unwilling to give that up in favor of a fantasy.

We’ll relegate any lion “milking” sessions to play time. I am very happy with the loving touch of my wife and best friend.


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