No Training, But….

We’re heading back to the casino tonight. Lion needs a new pair of shoes, to paraphrase. We used to spend almost every weekend and some week nights at a few casinos in the area. That was excessive. I was bored just after I walked in. Sometimes I’d go read a book or people-watch while Lion played slots. Once every few weeks is more than enough for me. Lion gets stir crazy when he works from home. I don’t think he ever went into the office this week. He does go out for lunch sometimes but he gets very bored at home. We are opposites in that respect too.

We didn’t play last night. It was day one of a new wait for him. That’s not as ominous as it sounds. Lion’s waits are rarely longer than a few days. When I made him wait a week recently, he whined a little bit. Poor thing. He’s out of practice.

What Lion wants more than an orgasm is play time. Edging isn’t considered play time. He requires a certain amount of pain or he becomes less interested in sex. A crack of a whip, so to speak, will snap him out of it. I’ve never tried a whip on Lion. I don’t intend to. I can barely land a flogger.

I was thinking, this weekend, perhaps we can use our waxing studio/dungeon for play. The sling is just hanging there. No one’s been strapped in for a long time. Lion was talking about anal play the other day. Maybe it’s time to have some. I’m not committing to ongoing training. I’m just thinking his butt would look nice with a small dildo sunk in there. Perhaps some easy pegging with it. I could even give him some oral attention while pegging him with my finger. Or fingers. I have options.

Lion is hearing this for the first time here. The only thing I mentioned to him about this weekend is the casino and some shopping. I’m sure he’ll be excited.

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