I have to admit, I’m confused about Lion’s post for this morning. Not the parts about how we met or how we started enforced chastity or FLRD. I don’t get the milking part. He doesn’t understand why I don’t understand. I’m stuck on the sex-is-sex and separate from affection. It strikes me as transactional. On a very basic level, hookers are paid to just give sex. Some men pay more for the “girlfriend” experience, which involves affection, or at least pseudo-affection. Or so I’ve heard on TV. I’m not saying that’s what Lion said. As a matter of fact, Lion says he never said anything about milking being impersonal.

I swear that’s what I read. So I checked:

“Since Mrs. Lion doesn’t want sex for herself, depersonalizing sex for me into milking may, for me at least, reduce my feelings of selfishness at not being able to give Mrs. Lion orgasms.”

And then he states that milking would be a routine activity. In the past he’s said he doesn’t want edging him, or any activity I do for him, to become a chore. However, it sounds like milking, as a routine activity, could be equated with a chore. No wonder I’m confused.

Last night when we were talking, Lion said it was me who came up with the idea for the separation of activities.

I did?

Apparently, since I don’t use sex as punishment or reward, I did. I have no idea how we got from point A to point B with that idea, but if I file this under whatever-you-need-to-think-to-get-you-through-the-day, I can get past it. Personally, I’m going to think of punishment as punishment, and affection and sex as affection and sex. I don’t think Lion is being selfish. I don’t see why he should.

Whatever my feeling about his post, it didn’t stop me from edging him last night. I’m not really sure how close to the edge I got him, but at one point he was super hard. Generally that’s my criteria for giving him an orgasm. Sure it’s only been four days. Did Lion have a problem with that? From the smile on his face, I’d say he did not.